Lara: […] “After Take 1 of being in nothing but Louboutin shoes, Martin and Benedict were both so unbelievably supportive – as the whole crew and staff were – that it no longer became a challenge and, in a weird way, it became really empowering. And you’re completely vulnerable and you’re naked and everyone can see everything and there’s nothing to hide behind, so all of a sudden you find a sense of power in it, and playfulness.”

Mark: “What listeners don’t know is that Lara is naked as she speaks now. She was so empowered by it, she’s carried it through! In fact, we all are!” […] 

“But at one point I was literally straddling your [Ben’s] thigh, naked, with my boobs in your face!”

“I remember (laughs).
It’s not an easy thing to do and even though it was a controlled situation it takes an awful lot of guts to do it. It’s brilliant, because it utterly works. He [Sherlock] has no idea what to do.”

“And that’s the main thing. If it’s nudity for nudity’s sake, then you kind of … ugh, but this completely serves the story.”

“It’s also a very neat parallel that they’re both trying to work out what to wear to meet each other. Sherlock eventually decides on one tiny detail …”

“It’s like every first date, then!”

(Audio Commentary - A Scandal in Belgravia)

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