I was just watching Luther when this happened, and I remembered the following:

Munch has become the only fictional character, played by a single actor, to appear on ten different television shows. These shows were on five different networks: NBC (Homicide: Life on the StreetLaw & OrderLaw & Order: Special Victims UnitLaw & Order: Trial by Jury, and 30 Rock); Fox (The X-FilesArrested Development); UPN (The Beat); HBO (The Wire) and ABC (Jimmy Kimmel Live!). Munch has been one of the few television characters to cross genres, appearing not only in crime drama series, but sitcom (Arrested Development), late night comedy (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and horror and science fiction (The X-Files).[38] He has played a role in international television series, beginning with UK crime drama Luther where he is mentioned as an American contact for the series’ Serious Crime Unit (SCU). Notably Luther stars Idris Elba, the actor who played Stringer Bell in the HBO drama The Wire where Munch previously cameoed.

Well done sir, well done..